I want to thank every one of you!


I have been in business over 40 years and have never seen anything like this. We have endured the banking crisis, the housing crash and even a few stock market fiascos! I am so inspired by our friends, neighbors and our customers that have stayed positive. We truly have realized the importance of family, and what’s important in our lives and enjoying all the things we took for granted.  Eating out, family and friend gatherings, volunteering with service organizations, church and sports. DURING THIS TIME IT HAS HELPED US ALL REALIZE WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT. Caring for each other!

We have an amazing announcement from our trusted parts suppliers!

In an effort to keep their staff employed and their business’s functioning, they have offered us an unprecedented extra 15% off all parts we purchase until April 30th!  

We are so inspired, we have decided we need to match this amazing offer with another 15% off for any repair or service! Yep 30% off.

COVID-19 Special

What this means for you is

Spend $1000.00 – Save $300.00
Spend $750.00 – Save $225.00
Spend $500.00 – Save $150.00
Spend $250.00 – Save $75.00

Amelia and Claire

Happy Easter from Amelia & Claire

Free pick up & delivery or free shuttle!

All car’s sanitized for everyone’s protection!

My goal is to keep all our staff employed during these challenging times!

Certified Automotive is Here to Help!