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Coolant Flush GlendoraCertified Automotive Specialists has been performing coolant flush service in Glendora for over four decades. Our team is reliable, qualified and ASE certified!

Cooling System Repair You Can Count On

A few years ago, we advised Glendora drivers to exchange their vehicle’s coolant about every two years to keep a vehicle running well. If you have an older car, that is still a good rule of thumb because even though coolants have improved, your cooling system is still not brand new. If you have a newer vehicle then you can be more relaxed as to how often the coolant needs to be exchanged. The new coolant formulas don’t break down as quickly as the prior versions did.

When the cooling system itself starts to age it does begin to drop little particles of rubber, plastic and aluminum into the coolant. These particles start circulating in the engine and wreak havoc over time. Coolant’s job is to keep our vehicles from overheating and enables the radiator and cooling system to keep the engine at the correct temperature. It extends the life of your vehicle and reduces the number of repairs.

It is always best to use the correct coolant.

One-size-fits all coolants are a thing of the past if you want what is best for the life of your vehicle. Water quality is important as well. Coolant is a blend of 50% water, 50% coolant when it is put in your vehicle. It is necessary that the water be distilled because tap and filtered water contains minerals that hurt the effectiveness of coolant and the iron and chlorine found in water acts as a corrosive. They cause deposits to form within the cooling system which interferes with the flow of heat and should they break loose they can clog the radiator as well as the heater core tubes. That is one reason it is always best to let experienced, ASE certified technicians, like we have at Certified Automotive Specialists, take care of your vehicle’s fluids. We know what coolant works best in every vehicle.

Don’t use your coolant’s overflow tank to judge if your system is working properly. It can be misleading. The radiator cap also plays an important role. It is designed to hold a specific pressure and if it fails, the coolant will boil at a lower temperature which leads to severe corrosion due to hot spots.

The extended-life coolants do work if you use them as they are meant to be. Do not mix with other types of coolants and keep the radiator full, using the same coolant and distilled water mix. Never re-use old coolant. When it does come time to exchange the fluid, (cooling system flush) don’t put it off. It is a small price to pay to keep your vehicle young and healthy!

Our technicians at Certified Automotive Specialists will drain the old coolant and replace with new, clean coolant that can efficiently maintain your engine’s temperature. It’s important to note that by neglecting maintenance of your coolant, the possibility of your engine overheating becomes very likely.

If your engine gets too hot, it can cause damage that results in a need for a radiator repair service, something which is a far costlier and a time-consuming process. If your engine has overheated or you are experiencing difficulty with your radiator, our team is more than happy to assist you with radiator repair. Proper maintenance to your vehicle can prevent larger, expensive repairs down the road.

Though it doesn’t need to be done as frequently as something like an oil change, it is very important to pay close attention to your engine’s coolant. Get the best coolant flush service in Glendora by giving us a call at 626-963-0814 Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. in order to schedule an appointment with our technicians.

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