If Car Trouble Scares You…Read On…

Sometimes there is nothing scarier than car trouble…you know how it is…you drive along and all is great then suddenly…

Young woman using smart phone standing on street near road and car. Female's hands holding mobile device in city, close-up.
  • You hear a different noise (squealing or scraping sound when you hit the brakes, knocks or pings when you climb a hill, rumbling or hissing sound from your muffler, thumping from a tire, clicking of a worn CV joint, chugging when you turn off the engine)
  • You notice a different smell (moisture or antifreeze odor inside the car)
  • You see a small leak or a puddle from under the car (antifreeze, oil, brake fluid)
  • You see lights illuminated on your dashboard (check gauges, check engine light)
  • You hear nothing at all (dead battery)

Your mind immediately goes into panic mode! You wonder how long it will take to fix the problem? How will you get to work? How will you pick up the children or get them to school or practice? How will you run errands? How much will it cost? Will it need to be towed? Is it safe to drive to our shop for needed repairs?

Before you panic, call us. We have the tools and equipment to return your vehicle to normal!

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