Make It A Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether an extended road trip, a rush to the airport, getting groceries or just doing some Black Friday shopping, you probably will need your car. Here are what the road-side assistance companies say to have checked out before the holiday to make sure your vehicle is safe and your Thanksgiving less stressful:

  • Tires – Make sure each is properly inflated.  If even one has bad tread wear and needs to be replaced, it is better to do it before you breakdown!  
  • Wiper Blades – Many accidents could have been avoided if drivers could see where they are going, and most people are not seeing as clearly as they might believe.  New wiper blades can make a huge difference.
  • Battery – If your car’s battery is dead, so are your plans.  A simple 10-minute test is all you need.  
Don’t let your car be a “roadside assistance” Thanksgiving statistic this year. Let us do a quick vehicle inspection – it will give you what we all want most on any trip – peace of mind! Besides, I would be personally offended if one of my customers had to sit by the side of the road – and you do want me to have a happy Thanksgiving also, don’t you?!