Please enjoy these photos of our beloved pets.

Many people have fury family members and enjoy their friendship & companionship.

In these crazy times, it’s refreshing to come home to a friend that just wants to play ball or get a rub behind the ears or, in the case of the fish, frogs, birds and turtles, a tasty treat.

August is known as the dog days of summer, maybe cat days or fish days, or even bird, turtle or frog days.

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy your pet as much as we enjoy ours.

Sometimes other fury friends are not always as fortunate as ours and must live in a shelter for a little while, but still need some additional love.

For the month of August, bring us a new pet toy, blanket or food and we will donate it to our local animal shelter, and you will receive a $10.00 discount off your service or repair.

Thank you for being awesome & generous customers.  

Gene, Robin & all the Certified Auto staff