The Problem with Air Fresheners!

The Problem With Air Fresheners

Those little trees that dangle from vehicles’ mirrors may look innocent, but are they?  Here are a few things to consider if you use them.

  1. They can obstruct your view and are actually illegal in many states!
  2. Oil residue from them damages the plastic trim around a car’s air vent.
  3. Chemicals in the fragrances can cause allergies and also trigger asthma, headaches, and even dermatitis. 
  4. They can add potentially hazardous pollutants to a car’s interior due to their volatile organic compounds.

The best way to keep a vehicle’s interior fresh is to clean it.  The “fresh” scent from these dangling air fresheners don’t last long.  If you simply can’t part with these little trees, please read the instructions carefully before use.  They can do harm to your car’s interior when they come in contact with plastic, painted and varnished surfaces and upholstery by melting and then sticking.  

We just felt this was something you “auto-know.”

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