Auto Air Conditioning Service Glendora

Certified Automotive Specialists is proud to bring professional auto air conditioning service to Glendora. For forty years, we have been a trusted name in auto repair for the community. As a locally owned and operated facility, we take our commitment to customers seriously. You can see it in everything we do, from the way we keep our shop updated and clean to the outstanding customer service you receive every time you visit us!

How Often Do Cars Need AC Service?Auto Air Conditioning Service Glendora

Even if your car’s cooling system is seemingly working fine, you should bring it in yearly for AC service. Over time, the AC fitting starts to get loose, just as the hoses, seals, and o-rings on your car wear out. Our technicians will inspect your AC fitting to make sure it is properly tightened and continuing to blast icy, cold air! We also make sure the system has the correct lubrication and refrigerant levels. Your air conditioning system loses about 0.3-0.6 ounces of refrigerant each year. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but with neglect, the levels can get dangerously low. Without regular auto air conditioning service for your vehicle in Glendora, compressor and evaporator problems could occur. Your system could also be leaking refrigerant. This can potentially be very harmful for your vehicle and the environment. Protect the components of your cooling system with regular AC service.

It can get hot in Southern California! That’s why professional auto air conditioning service for your vehicle in Glendora is so important. You do not want to get stuck driving your vehicle on a scorching summer day. If your AC is having difficulty keeping the interior of your car cool or has stopped working completely, make an appointment with your local auto experts! The experienced team at Certified Automotive Specialists would be happy to diagnose and repair your system.

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