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Frequently Asked Questions

I am asked these questions each and every day. I thought I would share some of the concerns of your neighbors with you in case you have the same questions!


Q: I know getting my oil changed is very important and when possible, I will take it to my independent repair center. Sometimes I find I’m just too busy and I often wonder if I wouldn’t do just as well to take it anywhere that is fast and convenient and just let my normal service and repair center take care of the really important stuff when I have more time to spare.

A: No one can argue that there are many convenient quick service centers around that promise to get you in and out in ten minutes. They do a good job overall but the problem we have found is that they don’t have your records and may recommend an additional service to you that you don’t need right then. They don’t know what you have had taken care of and what you haven’t so in trying to care for your vehicle properly they will naturally recommend you have many services taken care of while you are there. Keeping good records is essential if your vehicle is still under warranty and also helps us know when it is time to do your manufacturer’s recommended mileage services. The bottom line is this; it is always better to take your vehicle to one place where they know you and your vehicle. In this way you get the best service that will save you money and time in the long run.


Q: I am constantly bombarded about being “green!” Do I have to get rid of my current vehicle and buy a hybrid? I really don’t want to trade my car in yet but I do want to do my share to help the environment.

A: Many people are confused on this issue. At this time, the final decision still has not been made on the best way to be green as far as fuel alternatives. You might find yourself buying one type of car, only to find out something better is on its way. Even so, you can help the environment now with the car you are currently driving. The automotive industry has been preaching the advantages of regular maintenance for years! It saves you money and the environment. A regularly serviced vehicle keeps emissions in check and saves fuel. Both of these greatly help the environment and leaves you with more money. A properly maintained vehicle also extends its life by as much as 50% and service is always less expensive than repair.

100,000 MILES PLUS

Q: My car is getting close to 100,000 miles. Do I have to get rid of it? It seems to be running fine and it looks great!

A: No, you do not need to get rid of it. The manufacturers have come a long way on design of vehicles. Although they are far more complicated than the cars of yesteryear, they are built to last a long time. The body doesn’t rust out anymore like they used to either. The average car on the road today is nine to eleven years old and many are keeping their car well past 250,000 miles! Again, keeping it serviced regularly increases a vehicle’s life by 50%!


Q: I just bought a new car. In order to keep my warranty intact I have to have it serviced at the dealer, right?

A: You can continue to have your vehicle serviced at your usual car care provider as long as you keep your service records and your car care provider should also maintain a copy of your records. The important thing to remember wherever you get your vehicle serviced is to do it regularly per the intervals recommended in your owner’s manual. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

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