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If your vehicle isn’t working well these days, it may be time for new air conditioning freon. Air conditioning has typically relied on R134a refrigerant however, many newer vehicles are switching to 1234yf refrigerant due to it being more environmentally friendly. We offer both types of refrigerant for our Glendora customers, so no matter which type your car needs, our team has the training, the tools, and the expertise to handle it. 

What is 1234yf For Cars?

Before 1995, the refrigerant favored by the auto industry was dichlorodifluoromethane, an odorless, non-flammable and non-toxic gas better known as freon. Freon underwent a number of developments and chemical tweaks over the years, and eventually R134a (also called HFC134a) was determined to be more environmentally friendly. However, by the 2000s it was discovered that R134a does indeed contribute to global warming, leading to it being slowly phased out of the automotive industry.

The new auto air conditioning freon to be developed is 1234yf. This refrigerant is far more environmentally friendly and only has a single minute of impact on the atmosphere. While R134a typically took 13 years to break down chemically within the environment, 1234yf for cars takes just 11 days. While 1234yf has become a requirement for most cars in Europe, the decision to require it in the US has been challenged and overturned, however, some auto manufacturers have said they still plan to follow through with transitioning their vehicles over to the new auto air conditioning freon. Some concerns have been raised over this type of freon being flammable, but extensive testing has revealed that the concerns are unfounded.

How Will This Affect My Vehicle or AC Servicing?

If your vehicle already uses R134a refrigerant, you won’t need to make a change; if you have a newer vehicle that already uses 1234yf, you’ll need to continue using it. Some manufacturers may suggest putting R134a in a car that uses 1234yf, citing that it tapers emissions – especially if they apply air conditioning credits toward light-duty greenhouse gas compliance. Due to different types of fittings and components on newer AC systems, it’s nearly impossible to put in the wrong type of refrigerant.

At Certified Automotive Specialists, we’re fully equipped to handle 1234yf for cars. Our technicians are fully trained to work on the additional components, inline heat exchangers, and the fittings of newer AC systems. No matter what type of air conditioning your vehicle takes, you can trust us to keep our Glendora customers cool with the best type of refrigerant to fit their individual vehicles.

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