Auto Repair Azusa

Auto Repair AzusaSo you’re in need of some auto repair and service in Azusa CA?  Fear not, Certified Automotive Specialists is here to be your GO-TO place for help.  Fixing broken cars is what we do best, and that’s because it’s pretty much all we do, which makes us experts.  Have a domestic vehicle?  Perfect!  Bring it in.  Have an import?  Still perfect!  Bring it in.  Not sure what you have?  Doesn’t matter!  Bring it in and we’ll figure it out.  We love to have fun, but when it comes to car maintenance, we take things very seriously.  If your ride needs some attention, bring it over to our shop and we’ll work our magic.

We’ve been up and running since 1978.  That means we’ve been fixing cars since before your car was born (most likely).  Now, we’re not the sort to go around bragging — unless of course we’re talking about how great we are at car maintenance.  That being said, we’ve won Motor Age Magazine’s award for being a Top 10 Auto Repair Shop in America five times in the last seven years, including the Number One Top Shop Award in the nation in 2012, as well as receiving AAA’s highest honor, the Quality Service Award. We take true pride in our work, and it shows. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality service to all of our patrons because we want to uphold our reputation as the best auto repair service near Azusa CA.  We also want to win that Number One spot again!

Sooner or later, you’re going to need to take your car somewhere to get worked on.  You might as well take it to the best.  Certified Automotive Specialists is hands-down the best auto repair shop near Azusa CA, and one of the best in the nation. Tune-ups, brake service, wheels/tires, oil change, engine work… you name it, we do it.  Stop in today and drive away happy.
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