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Oil Change GlendoraAre you looking for the most reliable and high-quality oil change Glendora has to offer? Come to Certified Automotive Specialists! Our shop has been in the same location since 1978 and has been featured on Motor Age Magazine’s Top 10 Automotive Shops in the Country List for five consecutive years, illustrating our dedication to great auto repair service. Our car maintenance professionals take pride in providing the absolute best possible automotive service. We recognize that a quality oil change is fundamental to a car’s health and longevity, and also a the number one way to avoid un-wanted auto repairs.

Changing your oil regularly has the potential to add years to the life of your vehicle. As you operate your car, the oil is performing a number of functions, including lubricating the cylinders and removing heat from the engine block. Your engine oil is subjected to parts moving at upwards of 7000 rpm and temperatures exceeding 300 °F. After so many cycles of heating, cooling, and wear, the chemical composition of the oil starts to degrade. The result is a reduction in the viscosity of the oil, which provides less lubrication and removes less heat from the engine block. Performing an oil change service at regular intervals is essential for combating this degradation and maintaining a reliable engine.

Regular fluid service for your vehicle is fundamental car maintenance that will keep it running for years to come. Think of engine oil as the lifeblood of your car. If it’s not clean and high-quality, your car’s performance will suffer.

Our professional staff members are certified to perform a variety of services, including oil changes, factory scheduled maintenance, performance upgrades, and much more. Schedule an appointment now for your oil change at our convenient Glendora location today!

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