Today’s Car Batteries Ain’t What They Used To Be!


Car Battiers

Our cars today are comprised of many small computers or as we call them…modules.  They are busy controlling every aspect of our driving experience now including charging the battery.  We all remember how it used to be…you try to start your car and nothing happens or you get the dreaded click, click, click.  In the past you would get out the jumper cables, get another car lined up to yours, attach the cables very carefully and correctly to each battery and in a few minutes you were good to go…at least for a little while.  This gave you time to get the battery tested and if it was a case of leaving your lights on it is probably okay…if not…you just get a new battery installed and you are on your way…problem solved.

Today’s car batteries are more complex (most are glass mat constructed) and if you try to jump start your vehicle it could be bad news.  It could cause a surge of energy to pass through the car that could potentially damage a module or multiple modules.  This is especially true if the keys are left in the ignition or the key is turn to the on position.

In the not too distant past a car battery could be fully recharged in an hour.  Today’s batteries not only require a special charger, it should be charged slow and steady. The old style chargers on these new style batteries may not do a complete chargeObviously, if you have a new style battery, this is may not be the time to “do it yourself” at home.  I recommend taking the battery to a qualified repair shop for a complete electrical system test.

Qualified technicians will also know to check the battery for what we call parasitic draw.  Sounds bad, I know, but it is not a bug or other type of creature, it is a slow drain on your car’s battery.  It seems okay at first after a recharge and can go for a day or even longer before it drains again to a non-starting point.  When your battery and alternator are checked the technician can determine what the problem is there and then and that saves you time which of course, saves you money.

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