Damaged Lug Nuts

Damaged Lug Nuts

Lug nuts don’t get a lot of attention from the average vehicle owner…unless you have a flat tire.  If the lug nuts are clean, no problem.  If they are rusty or warped, it won’t be easy to remove them.  Lug nuts are made of two different metals, steel (the nut itself) and chrome (the cover).  Rust can build up between the two and that causes the issue.

Many drivers find themselves stranded on the side of the road when they get a flat tire, because their lug wrench simply can’t fit on the lug nut anymore due to swelling.  Lug nuts are, of course, supposed to last the life of the vehicle but if you can’t get a flat tire off, it becomes problematic.

We suggest you let your automotive technician remove the lug nuts for you as we, of course, have the proper equipment to do so.  We don’t want you to damage your tire.  We can also replace the damaged lug nuts, so you won’t experience the problem again.

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