How Are Your Shocks/Struts?

Shocks and struts take a beating, so we don’t have to! They help us ease the pain of driving over less than perfect roads and stabilize us over bumps, when we stop quickly, and when we go around corners. We pretty much take them for granted. Our owner’s manuals tell us they need to be inspected and/or replaced every 60,000 to 90,000 miles, depending on our driving habits. Many newer cars have computer-controlled electronic suspension systems that need inspection as well.

How Are Your Shocks And Struts

We recommend that you take some time when you are out driving around to notice a few things about your vehicle. If your car is bouncing a bit after you hit a bump in the road, nose-diving after you brake, swaying around corners, or has abnormal tire wear, then you need to have your shocks replaced.

Struts basically perform the same function as shocks, except they also are an integral part of your suspension system. If you are out and about in your car and notice the above symptoms, along with noise while going over bumps or turning corners, you might also have an alignment situation.

Other Notable Symptoms

Shocks and struts also give you another symptom if they are ready to be replaced… they leak fluid. They do a lot for us, and we certainly take them for granted until we notice our ride is just not as enjoyable or comfortable as it could be. Bad shocks and struts also cause wear and tear on our tires and our suspension components.

Make sure your shocks and struts are ready for whatever condition the roads you drive on happen to be in. Whatever your car may need, at Certified Auto Specialists, we want your vehicle to always be ready to go when you are!

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