Spring is in the air and many of our customers’ thoughts turn to…air conditioning.  We get countless calls asking us how much it costs to fix.  There is no one simple answer to this question but I’ll give you some industry-wide estimates so you have something to go on. Generally, if you drive an older vehicle it will cost more to fix because the parts will be harder to find.


Testing the A/C System: A technician must test the system to determine what is wrong with it.  This requires a test for leaks and an inspection of the parts such as the compressor, condenser, hoses, and valves. This usually costs somewhere between $175 and $700.


Recharging the A/C System: This is the most common fix of the A/C system.  It needs refrigerant added and it needs to be able to flow through the system properly.  This cost is generally $80 to $275.


Leaking Hose:  Finding and fixing a leak in the A/C system can take time and isn’t as easy as it sounds. This costs between $400 and $1,100.


Broken Compressor:  This is the most complex of all to fix and costs from $275 to $500.


Replacing the Unit:  The cost of this is determined by the make and model you drive.  The cost to repair starts at $1,800 and can go as high as $2,900.


Working on air conditioning systems is not easy.  The system itself is built in and around your car’s engine making it difficult.  Specialized equipment is required and a technician that is certified in this area is a must.  In some countries it is illegal for a non-authorized technician to work on A/C systems. A non-experienced technician can inadvertently cause problems and contaminate the environment.


These prices are not set in stone but an industry-wide average.  Have a certified technician give you an estimate after they have diagnosed your vehicle.