Offering Customers a Personal Touch

At Certified Automotive Specialists, we always aim to be more than some generic auto repair shop. We don’t want to be faceless entities going through the motions of getting the job done, and we don’t want our customers to ever feel like they’re just a number. That’s why one of our guiding principles is providing exemplary customer service. That service comes with a variety of personal touches so that our customers really feel like they’re part of the CAS family.

We’ve lived in Glendora as long as our shop has existed (we opened our doors in 1978) and we value being part of this community. If there’s anything we feel strongly about, it’s that local businesses operate as pillars of the community – a trusted place that locals can depend on. Our customers aren’t just people we work with. They’re our friends and family! Offering high-quality work is important to us, of course, but we find that it’s even more important to let our personality shine through so people feel at home when they’re here.

One of the way we like adding that personal touch is adding a little flair to the windows every season. In this YouTube video, you can see a time-lapse video of us creating a Thanksgiving window painting. We get to show off our sweet painting skills and personality! It’s so much fun to do projects like this that give us an opportunity to have a good time and do one more thing we enjoy. It makes the work day an absolute joy.

Our team is full of professional service technicians who know cars inside and out, but we’re also people with our own unique personalities and quirks. Being part of an independent business that’s been such a staple in Glendora over the years gives us the freedom to show off who we are! That personal touch is one of the things that keeps our customers coming back over and over again.

Do you like seeing some personality in the businesses you work with? Personally, we feel like it makes the place feel more welcoming. What do you think?