Remember When…

A handshake was your word?
You did what you said you would?
Honor meant everything.
You never questioned trust?
We respected our elderly and military?
Ethics had meaning.
Fun for young people was being outside all day and returning when the streetlights came on?

Hometown Service You Can Count On!

Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation for our customers, build a bond of trust, convenience, respect, and value.

Certified Automotive Specialists will never break the trust placed in us by our customers. For 42 years, Certified Automotive Specialists has kept its morals and ethics and will always provide value, convenience, as well as a safe and reliable car for you to drive. And yes, we still operate Certified Auto Specialist like the “good ‘ole days!”

Certified Auto Specialists: the friendlier and more helpful auto shop! Feel free to call 626-963-0814 with any questions and we will be glad to help, or visit our website at

Always Moving Forward

When you own, manage and work in the auto repair business one thing you learn, and you learn quickly, is that you always have to keep moving forward. Sometimes people refer to us as “car doctors” and that is true…but I will say that although “people doctors” certainly have to keep moving forward with ever- changing advances in medications and disease control, “car doctors” have to keep moving forward to keep pace with the ever-changing vehicle! The human body comes in two makes and they don’t change…cars come in several makes and models and they change all the time.

Myself and my employees never stop training. If we stopped, we would soon be out of business because today’s vehicles are getting more and more sophisticated and computer/software run. It takes a whole lot more talent than being good with a wrench…we have to be computer experts to keep pace.

Being the owner of an auto repair business means much more than hanging out a sign. Owners have to hire the right talent to begin with…then we have to make sure that talent is willing to keep training. That is one of the hardest things we owners have to contend with…keeping our workforce inspired to learn more. Motivation is the full-time job of ownership.

Thankfully, there are ways for me to keep training so I can manage my business to help motivate me and my staff. I recently completed training (for now) and graduated. Yes…I still have to go to school and graduate. The Automotive Service Association (ASA) held its Automotive Management Institute (AMI) graduation and award ceremony Saturday August 12th in Anaheim, CA. It was an awesome event.

I was honored to be included in the 1st graduating class, earning the new A.M.A.M. degree (Accredited Master Automotive Manager). 49 people graduated by accumulating 180 credits through many accredited management classes. Others in attendance earned the Accredited Automotive Manager (A.A.M.) degree with 120 credits as well.

I work hard to be the best I can be and support our industry. I just wanted my readers to know that we do this to better ourselves, motivate our staff and be the very best we can be for our customers. When a shop keeps striving to be the best, you will see many degrees and certifications hanging on the walls. Most of this training takes place after hours but it is so necessary. We can never rest on our laurels…we take a deep breath and then sign up for the next training event that comes along. Here’s to always moving forward!

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Hometown Service You Can Count On!

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