How Green Can You Go?

Most of us are concerned with keeping our environment green. We buy reusable bags for our shopping trips, combine driving trips to be more fuel-efficient, and use the new style light bulbs to conserve energy. All these seemingly little conscious efforts add up to help our earth.

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It may surprise you to learn that the automotive service and repair industry has been one of the leaders in keeping our environment clean…even before it was a popular theme with the general public. We are very careful with waste disposal in every way. As an example, one gallon of improperly disposed motor oil can contaminate a million gallons of drinking water! When consumers bring their car in for regular service it is one of the biggest benefits to cleaner air and the good news is…it saves you money too! In fact, it saves you money in more ways than one! It prolongs the life of the car you have, it saves money in fuel, and a regularly maintained vehicle saves you money on expensive repairs! It is a good deal all around.

  • A regularly maintained car can last 50% longer.
  • A properly tuned car keeps your engine firing properly…one misfiring spark plug can waste 30% in fuel efficiency!
  • Keeping your tires checked and rotated makes them last longer and can help your engine work better and easier.
  • Clean filters make a more fuel efficient vehicle.

Of course, it also helps not to drive like you are trying out for NASCAR or using it to transport or store heavy objects. All of this contributes to wear and tear on your vehicle too plus cuts way down on fuel efficiency.

Working together, we can all help our earth be a bit greener… breathe a bit easier… and save ourselves more of our hard-earned cash.

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