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Some dealership salespeople imply that when you buy a new vehicle from them, you must have it serviced by them. This is not true! I hear this from my customers all the time! Here is what you need to know:


There is a law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) that an independent repair shop can service your car and you will not be jeopardizing your warranty in any way.  This law has been around since 1975. Just like you would have to do if you got your vehicle serviced at the dealership, you need to keep records of services and have them done as recommended in your owner’s manual. The good news is we make it easy for you.  You always get a copy and we keep your vehicle’s records as well.  We can download a copy for you any time you need it.


Many consumers have gone to the dealership to take care of a warranty issue, however, and have been told their warranty is void because the vehicle has aftermarket parts on it. If they didn’t inspect the vehicle to find out if the aftermarket parts cause the problem that is illegal. The mere presence of aftermarket parts on a vehicle cannot void a manufacturer warranty.


There are two types of warranties; expressed and implied.  An expressed warranty is for a specific amount of time on certain parts.  An implied warranty states that the manufactured product should meet certain standards.  Aftermarket parts do not void either warranty.


If you feel you have been wronged in this area contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) at 877.382.4357.


There are also two types of emission warranties; defect and performance. At the time of sale, the defect warranty insists that the manufacturer make a vehicle that will meet required emission levels. The performance warranty says the vehicle must maintain certain emission levels during its useful life cycle. Should the vehicle fail to meet these criteria the manufacturer must make the repairs free of charge even if an aftermarket part was the cause for the warranty claim. If that seems strange it is because the consumer is protected by the parts self-certification program that the EPA developed with SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association).


When an aftermarket part does fail, and is responsible for a warranty claim, the vehicle manufacturer must arrange a settlement with the consumer but the new vehicle warranty is not voided by this.


If you go to a dealership and they refuse to cover any defective manufactured items just because you have aftermarket parts on your vehicle, without bothering to find out if the aftermarket parts were at fault that is illegal!


The laws dealing with warranties are very simple.  The only time a new vehicle warranty can be voided is if an installed aftermarket part has been proven to cause the problem.


If you feel you have been denied a claim take a written explanation from the dealership.  Check your owner’s manual for instructions on what to do next.  If you still don’t receive satisfaction contact the EPA at 202.233.9040 or 202.326.9100.


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