Engine Sludge Ain’t No Fun!

Sludge is a dark, dirty tar-like substance that mucks up your engine over time. It develops slowly as oil breaks down and collects around your car’s motor. Sludge slows the oil in your engine from lubricating all the moving parts that get your vehicle down the road. 

Back in the day, an attendant checked your oil every time you pulled up to a full-service gas station you called out: “fill ‘er up.”  Now your oil is only checked when you take it in for service

Owners’ manuals are stretching those service intervals out. Because of this, we are seeing more sludge buildup than we used to. Some vehicles are poorly designed and more sludge-y than others. When engine passages are smaller, oil bakes and reduces down to sticky sludge.

Are you thinking of purchasing a vehicle? We recommend typing “engine sludge” and the vehicle you are considering into your search engine to check if that vehicle is prone to sludge problems.

Build a Hedge Against Sludge

One of the most important hedges against sludge buildup is to have your oil and filter changed quarterly. We recommend that our clients get on a regular schedule. We love it when a car we have serviced makes it into the 200,000+ mile club!

Another way to reduce sludge is to do less stop-and-go driving. Going to the store a block away? Walk or take your bike! Short commutes are hard on your engine and contribute to buildup that makes your engine less efficient.

Sludge removers can also help, though some are better than others. Ask us to help you sort through the many options.

Professional help can be critical to performance. Cutting your own hair costs less, but it may require wearing a hat for a while. The same is true for your car except the cost could be expensive repair bills. Contact us online or call us at 253-854-6762 or set up your appointment today!

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