Give Your Brakes a Break!

Does it feel like you just can’t catch a break sometimes? Your brakes might just feel the same way! They work hard for you. Your car is a heavy hunk of metal and when it is rolling down the road it takes a lot of friction to slow down all that momentum, especially when you need to stop quickly. If you don’t take care for your brakes, they can’t do their job. And it’s pretty important work! The well-being of you and your passengers is dependent upon the health and strength of your brakes.

How long has it been since your brakes have gotten a check-up? Here are some signs that they are going to need some attention:

  • Low brake pedal or brake fade (reduction of braking power)
  • Car pulls to one side during braking
  • Shimmy or pulsating feeling when you apply the brakes
  • Squeaking, squealing, or grinding sounds
  • Spongy or mushy feeling when you step on the brake
  • Brake pedal becomes hard to depress

If your brakes are showing any of these signs, it almost always means the brake pads and shoes need replacing.  It also means that you should bring your car to us for a brake inspection. This includes checking the brake linings, the drums and rotors, and the brake fluid. If you have waited too long, it may be more serious and we may have to turn or replace the rotors.

Don’t wait for your brakes to get to metal on metal! It takes much less time and money to repair them before your car is vibrating and groaning every time you pull up to a red light. It isn’t just embarrassing to attract attention at intersections for all the wrong reasons. Don’t forget. You’re transporting precious cargo. The safety of your friends and family is your most important job—so give your brakes a break!

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