Got a Quarter? Take this Test!

Inflation! You have probably noticed the cost of goods and services rising. We have, too. We spend a lot of energy doing everything in our power to keep the cost of taking care of your car down, but we do make one exception.

For years, the traditional auto industry recommendation has been to check the tread on tires using a penny. With Abe Lincoln facing you upside-down, place the penny in one of the grooves. If you can see honest Abe’s whole head, then, no lie, you need new tires. This test tells you that you only have 1/16” of tire tread left.

Automotive specialists have been rethinking the 1/16” of tread rule. It just isn’t enough in the most critical situations. If you have to come to a sudden stop on a rainy day on slick asphalt, you need more grip on the road.  Recent research by Tire Rack showed that brand new tires stop you the fastest. If you have 1/8” of an inch of tread you stop within 300 feet. But if you have just 1/16” of an inch, you might not stop until it is too late!

The Quarter Is The Way To Go

That’s why we no longer advise you to use a penny. It’ll cost you a quarter now! Let George Washington tell you the truth about whether your tires need swapping out. While running the same test with a quarter, if our first president’s whole head is visible you have less than 1/8 of an inch and we strongly suggest you get your tires replaced.

Of course, we are happy to give you some great options if you need new tires—and some more advice about inflation. Once you get your new tires, be sure to keep them properly inflated! Also, don’t forget to bring them in for rotation every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. We will keep you and your tires rolling smoothly and safely down the road!

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