Smooth Ride? Thank Your Suspension System!

Sure, the road of life can be bumpy. SoCal roads can be even bumpier! But you don’t need to get jolted at every pothole and gap in the asphalt. At least, not if your suspension system is operating right.

A suspension system is something you don’t notice until it stops working properly. What are some of the obvious signs your suspension system is not doing its job? Feeling every shake and bounce is, of course, the plainest signal and means you might be having trouble with shock absorbers or struts. Another symptom is your car pulling to one side of the road, though this could also be caused by your tires or brakes. Other signs include one corner of your car looking lower than the rest of the vehicle or hearing “clunking” as you drive over even small bumps. There are many more including leaking shock absorbers, difficulty when steering, or swaying while turning or stopping.

What Is Your Car’s Suspension?

Your suspension system is a spring-like structure. It is attached by the sides of the wheels and enables the frame to hold the weight of the body. It maximizes the friction between the tires and the road surface. This provides steering stability, good handling, and comfort.

Most cars are more than one ton of metal and they hurtle down the road at high speed. Even if the road surface looks smooth, without its suspension system, you and your car would be shaken to pieces. The suspension system allows the body and frame to move independent and undisturbed. It allows the wheels to take the bumps and lumps, not you. Your springs do the bulk of the work absorbing the thud and smash of driving down the street—your shock absorbers dampen all that springing so you are not riding a bucking bronco!

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