Addressing Your Car’s Slow Drip, Drip, Drip

The slow drip of anything can be annoying—faucets, news, sinuses. But the slow, persistent drip, drip, drip under your car is more than just aggravating.  It can make a sticky, splotchy mess in your driveway and garage floor. You can end up making every place you park less attractive than when you showed up. Who wants to be someone who makes everywhere worse?

If you have been running your AC and the leaky liquid is clear and odorless, it may well be condensation from your air conditioner. No worries, then! Unfortunately, all other drips signal trouble. In fact, small drips are your vehicle’s way of asking: Hey, Bub, could you check under the hood? If you ignore this warning, your car will soon stop being so polite.

Don’t Let Minors Become Majors

Left unchecked, those slow drips will only increase. It was bad enough when you left an unsightly, environmentally unfriendly reminder of your presence every time you parked. Once small splotches become big puddles your friends and family will be asking you to park down the block!

And it isn’t just about leaving your mark in parking spaces and driveways. Your minor vehicle issue can quickly become a major problem. You’ve probably heard the advice: Don’t major on the minors.” This is good life advice for those who focus too narrowly on the negative. With a vehicle, though, taking care of the minor can stop it from being major. We advise you to go ahead and major on the minor with your vehicle since minor repairs come with minor price tags while major problems will cost you major dollars!

Seeing Red? It’s Most Likely Transmission Fluid

If the liquid is red it’s probably transmission fluid. Green or orange liquid that smells sweet most often means coolant is the culprit. Brown or black fluid indicates an engine oil leak. Also, liquid isn’t the only sign of a leak. Blue smoke from the tailpipe can also mean oil is leaking into the engine. No matter what color you see, remember that a leaking hose or seal is small potatoes compared to a catastrophic engine failure.

For minor and major vehicle maintenance and repair, call us at (253) 854-6762 or schedule your appointment online. We can’t do much about the slow drip, drip, drip of the news cycle or a runny nose, but we can certainly stop minor vehicle drips before they become major!

Want Your Vehicle to Be More Powerful and Efficient?

Who doesn’t want to be more powerful and effective? Despite New Year’s Eve resolutions or buying the latest self-help bestseller, personal growth can be hard to achieve. It’s not easy to be your own best friend. Fortunately, it is a little easier to be chummy with your vehicle and make it run stronger, quieter and more efficiently.

Fuel injection cleaning is not listed in your owner’s manual as part of routine maintenance. Still, your fuel system can become clogged with dirt and debris. This can jam up your fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel injectors. These crucial parts of your fuel system need to be clear of all that yuck to allow the right mixture of fuel and air to reach the engine.

Friends with Benefits

When you treat your car right, it treats you right! By being friends with your car you get benefits which include better fuel efficiency, more horsepower, and no more engine knocking. When you think about it, it makes sense. Your car doesn’t burn dirty fuel as well as clean fuel—a drop in gas mileage may mean you need your fuel injectors cleaned. Does your car seem to lack the get-up-and-go it once had? Is it noisier? These are other signs that your BFF is asking you to clean up its fuel system!

The reason fuel injection cleaning isn’t listed in your owner’s manual is that if you are servicing your vehicle regularly, your injectors and fuel system will remain clean. Over the years, we have noticed that folks are increasingly skipping regular maintenance. This neglect causes the harmful build-up of grime and sludge. These are not your friends!

What Are Friends For?

Fuel injection cleaning will give your vehicle a longer life span, lower repair costs, and fewer headaches! You can worry less about being stuck on the side of the road or with a car that won’t start in the morning. Call us today at (253) 854-6762 or set up your appointment online. We will ensure that your car is running right and you won’t need to empty your wallet to for unneeded parts, repairs, or services. What are friends for?

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