How to Have a Lean and Mean Driving Machine

How To Have a Lean And Mean Driving Machine

Cars are built better than ever these days and are engineered to give us miles of service. That’s why keeping them well-maintained is critical! To stay on top of this, you need a trusted partner on your side to look out for you and your car. Here are some of the essential areas that we check during regular maintenance to keep your car running right:


It’s your vehicle’s lifeblood.  Dirty oil makes it harder for your engine to turn over and causes premature engine wear. We’ll set you up on scheduled oil changes, ensuring that your car is ready to roll down the road when you are for years to come.

Belts and Hoses 

These are made of very durable material with relatively long lives but they do deteriorate over time. They need to be regularly inspected and replaced as needed so they don’t give out when it’s inconvenient or unsafe. We do everything we can to make sure you’re never stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck.


Other than condensation from your air conditioner, your car should never leak. Your car uses 11 different types of fluid, such as antifreeze, engine oil, power steering fluid, air conditioner refrigerant, shock absorber fluid, battery electrolyte, windshield washer solvent, rear axle or CV boot lubricant, fuel and others.  Are you seeing liquid under your car? You need to bring it in right away.  


Since Henry Ford’s Model A, tires are the only thing between us and the road, so it’s essential to keep them as healthy as possible. A simple, inexpensive preventative maintenance measure is to keep your tires properly inflated and rotate them regularly. You can prolong their lifespan and improve fuel economy, a win-win! 


If neglected for too long, old unchanged coolant can corrode, leaving sediment throughout your cooling system and causing clogs. This can result in hot spots that damage your engine.


The battery cables must be securely attached and free of corrosion to get power to the starter and accessories so that the alternator receives a charge. When you come in for regular maintenance, we’ll check it out and make sure you’re getting all you can out of your battery.


Think of it this way, when it comes to fluids, our cars’ needs are similar to the human body. We need to keep our systems flushed with water to keep our bodies running well. Your vehicle needs fluids to remain healthy. Over time, these fluids get contaminated and cause corrosion. Flushing these out and refilling them with clean, fresh fluid keeps your car safe and running smoothly. It rids the system of harmful toxins and lubricates at the same time. We’ll make sure the fluids in your vehicle keep your car running right for years to come!

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