Disc Brake Service Glendora

Your car’s brake system is a complex grouping of parts which serve a critical role in keeping you safe. No other system in the car is as important for your safety. Keeping your brake system in tip-top shape should be your top priority.

Most all cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, and many have disc brakes on the rear also. When disc brakes are not used on the rear, drum brakes are used. The fluid being pushed from the master cylinder through the brake lines pushes a piston in the brake caliper. This in turn applies force to the brake pads.

Having a disc brake service twice a year will keep you safe, sound, and free of worry when on the road. When you bring your automobile in for a brake inspection and diagnosis at Certified Auto Specialists, we will first do a visual check of your brake system, making sure that your brake pads and disks look normal. It is important for your brake disc to look smooth and shiny from the inside to the outer edge, and in a uniform manner. Don’t worry if you see slight lines on the disc, for this is normal wear. However, if there are any rough spots or pronounced grooves on the disc, it is time to replace them. Brake discs should always be replaced in pairs, so that your car’s drivability and safety are not compromised.

Our Technicians are trained and certified to extensive disc brake service, repair and maintenance on your vehicle. Anything from changing brake pads, to performance upgrades, to brake diagnosis, repairing or replacing tires, and more, we can do it.

If you have questions about the brake system requirements for your vehicle, contact us at Certified Auto Specialists and we will advise you of the various maintenance recommendations for your car, truck, van, SUV, crossover, or motorcycle. Call us anytime at phone number to schedule a maintenance appointment for your automobile, or stop by our location at 476 S. Vermont Ave, Glendora, CA 91741.

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