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Drum brakes may be “old technology” but they’re still used for the rear brakes on most cars and trucks. Up until the early 1970s, drum brakes were used both front and rear on almost all vehicles. But in the 1970s, front drum brakes were replaced with disc brakes. Drum brakes were kept in the rear because braking loads are lighter so disc brakes are not really needed. Drum brakes are also less expensive to manufacture than disc brakes, and provide a simpler parking brake setup.

Though drum brakes are a simpler form of brakes, it is still very important to regularly check them and take them in for a drum brake service. The drum is part of the drum brake assembly, which also includes a wheel cylinder, a pair of shoes, return springs and hold down springs, a backing plate, some type of self-adjuster mechanism to maintain lining clearances, and a parking brake mechanism.

The drum is usually cast iron but some are aluminum with a cast iron liner. The drum provides the friction surface against which the linings rub when the shoes are pushed outward by hydraulic pressure in the wheel cylinder. As the linings rub against the drum, they generate friction to slow the wheel and bring the vehicle to a halt. This generates a lot of heat, which the drum absorbs and dissipates so the linings don’t get too hot and begin to fade. Some drums have cooling fins that increase their cooling capacity. The drum also shields the internal brake components from road splash and dirt. Some drums also have a spring wrapped around the outside to dampen vibrations and noise.

Our Technicians are trained and certified to extensive drum brake service, repair and maintenance on your vehicle. Anything from changing brake pads, to performance upgrades, to brake diagnosis, repairing or replacing tires, and more, we can do it.

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